Hey, my name is Kent Heckel and I’m a YouTube video editor and content creator. My goal is to help internet creators take their content to the next level and spark growth on their channel. I have been making YouTube videos since 2014 and have never stopped following the dream of working on YouTube.

I work with creators of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether it’s a celebrity from more mainstream content wanting to make a YouTube push, a seasoned creator looking to lighten their load and up their production value, a brand looking to move into creating online content, or someone’s first YouTube upload I want to be the person to help.

In 2014, I was a senior in High School just outside Annapolis, Maryland. I had not so good grades and didn’t know what my future was going to hold. I was part of a few online communities of video bloggers making daily content and was fascinated by the genre and how it forced them to do something interesting with their lives on a daily basis. Then something inside my brain clicked and I decided I was going to try it for myself. March 15, 2014 I started my daily vlog and for the next 3 years of my life I made a video every single day. Graduating, enrolling in college, meeting my wife, being a student, traveling I captured it all. And I posted it all online. ALL OF IT.

This is a fun story but the side that is most important is what I learned. Editing over 1,000 unique YouTube videos, titling, thumbnailing, descriptions, tags, SEO, all of it I did day after day. I know my shit. I knew that YouTube is where I wanted to end up. I wanted to keep creating and keep learning. My junior year I took an internship in San Francisco to make a vlog for an entrepreneur who I have always looked up to. I followed her all around the country making vlogs of the experience and posting the videos on YouTube. Rinse and repeat. After a few weeks they offered me a job and I left college to pursue making YouTube videos for a startup. I learned how to organize content on a brand level and see the bigger picture with the projects. I learned about conversion and funnels. Then after a year decided being on my own is a bit more my style.

Now I’m full time creating content and managing YouTube channels for others. I love internet content and I love YouTube. Thanks for considering working with me!

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