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Hi welcome to my library. This is where I keep all my work. For best viewing click fullscreen in the bottom corner of the video


Check out something new I am working on. This is unreleased but I want to give you an idea of my personal crativity! (please dont share this with your friends... or do... idk)

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this is a collection of vlogs I have made over the past few years. This type of storytelling is my bread and butter as it is the medium I used to learn everything I know about videography. I learned the basics of shooting and editing while vlogging but most importantly I learned to develop my own voice. Vlogging will always have a special place in my heart. I produce on average 7+ videos per week and my videos are viewed by millions of people a month. 

thank you

"Dang Kent, you make a lot of videos."

- You Probably

Here are the links to the channels highlighted to the left. There you can see all of the videos I have created!

links on links (Joey Kidney - 5 most recent) Franke - The Entire channel) Bumps - 100 most recent) (1000+ videos here lol)

I make
movies oh my

professional projects


Here is a collection of videos that I would consider of my most professional. Most of these I made for other companies but I still acted as the producer, filmer, and editor.



website stuff


long form


These are some of my recent long for productions. All of these videos were organized, produced, filmed and edited by me. I also happen to be in 3 of them :)



personal projects


These are some videos I recently made just for me. Whether im diving into a topic or going on an adventure these are the types of videos that push my creativity forward. I love trying weird things and pushing my boundaries as a creator.